American Idol Audition

You Shook Me – Led Zeppelin

Dream On – Aerosmith

Everything you ever want to know about James Durbin as an artist he shows us immediately at this audition. This is James raw and unfiltered! He gives us a visceral glimpse into his soul, his emotional vulnerability, and his capacity to grab your heart with the most emotive  facial and body language. No need to wonder what this man is made of, what he is feeling. It’s all there for the world to see!! No need to wonder what is hiding deep within him waiting to break free. Freedom is his first, middle and last name. Free to feel, to express, to emote, to connect, to move, to sing and to soar!

I was amazed at the extent to which all 3 judges really “got him” from the very start – each  grabbing on to a different aspect. Randy grabbed onto his technical side and was impressed with his incredible range – one that very few tenors have, I may add. Randy found his range “crazy” – full voice, not falsetto. There is a big distinction between the two in technical approach and difficulty. Jennifer immediately grabbed onto his emotional side saying that he “goes away when he sings”, and that “he sings from where he is supposed to sing from, from feeling, from heart, from soul, from the need to feel and make others feel”. Steven grabbed onto his emotional / performance side by saying that “he has incredible melodic sensibility” – shaping of the melodic line – and vocals (“the voice”). All 3 connected to him and recognized the depth of his talent immediately.

This is just the beginning for James. He is still very young and  will only get better. Just think about that! His technique will become stronger, his confidence will continue to grow and his performance skills and repetoire will become even more expansive and polished.

James has entered the building!!

\,,/ ROCK ON \,,/

Kathryn McCarney


4 thoughts on “American Idol Audition

  1. This was when I knew I was seeing a star being born. I was dumbfounded. Don’t think I said a word for a good 15 minutes, then turned to my husband and said, “We’ll be seeing a lot of him after AI!”

  2. Well, to be honest,they may’ve had time to check him out a bit online before they actually heard his audition. But yes, they did ‘get’ James Durbin immediately. Cool!

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