American Idol Top 13

Maybe I’m Amazed – Paul McCartney

“You Had Me At Hello” – Pure Heart

Technically, James hits this out of the park. His pitch is perfection throughout. His vibrato is so incredibly yummy – to die for! He creates very effective phrasing with good support and plenty of breath. James’ soft sections are just beautiful; and he is able to support and deliver lovely dynamic contrasts. Also impressive is his ability to sing very lyrical and legato melodic lines so effectively. 10+

Emotionally, James takes a 180 degree turn from the  driving energy of “You Got Another Thing Coming” to the sweet, lyrical and tender ballad that is “Maybe I’m Amazed”. He makes effective use of vocal contrasts, i.e. falsetto and his delivery is very passionate and deeply heartfelt. 10+

The performance level is again high. James uses the cameras very effectively, and makes the viewer feel that he is singing to only them!  He exudes masculinity, strength, and tenderness. His  movement is smooth and appropriate. The hook comes at the end when his big, blue eyes look directly into the eyes of the viewer and hold there until the song ends – sealing the deal! 10+

Be still my heart! 10+


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