American Idol Top 24 Boys Night

You’ve Got Another Thing Coming – Judas Priest

Total Rock Star!!

No one saw  the high level of this performance coming so soon in the competition. This James performance sets the bar for everyone that night and for every performance night thereafter.

Technically he makes good and appropriate use of his high tenor range and moves seamlessly between registers. He has good projection and good placement in the mask of the face. His pitch is amazing and true throughout, and there is full body involvement in core support – which he needed plenty of!!. His phrases are fully supported from beginning to end and beautifully constructed. He sings with full breath throughout. 10+

Emotionally his connection to the audience is immediate – beginning with his first dramatic move – and he keeps them hooked with his highly energetic  and  continued dramatic performance. James exudes complete confidence from that very first move and very first note – as is befitting the title of the song. He is in control from beginning to end. 10+

His performance skills are unexpectedly high. They belie his age but show his total comfort level on stage. He shows good and centered balance in his movement and he makes full use of the stage. 10+

This performance made me jump to my feet  from the very first line – “ one life……” It is fantastic!! Bravo!! 10+


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