American Idol Top 11 (Mowtown)

Living For the City – Stevie Wonder

Pure Joy

Technically, this performance is a 10. The pitch is so consistently good. His wails are fantastic – fully supported with sustained breath, and open throat. He also makes effective use of the straight tone, also properly supported. This song is so appropriate for James’ high tenor range, his technical competency and his vocal fach!! This one has the wow factor! 10+

Emotionally, James shows tremendous melodic and rhythmic sensibility. He shapes at will.  His energy is off the charts and his face so expressive. He is totally connected to this song; and it is pure joy to watch. 10+

This performance is so creative and James makes it look so easy!! He is one with the song!! This is spontaneity at its best. He adds the dance which is fun to watch and which reveals yet another aspect of his talent. His movement is rhythmically perfect. He works the  judges, the stage musicians and the crowd so effectively. This is total confidence on stage. 10+

Now I’m Livin’ for another James performance!! 10+


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