Kathryn’s Vocal Evaluations


I have been asked to professionally evaluate James’ performances in the past, present and future; and to answer any questions the public may have regarding the same. I am happy to do so with a deep sense of responsibility, humility and fairness.

I will evaluate with the same set of guidelines that I use for singers auditioning for my opera company – Center Stage Opera – www.csopera.org – for adjudication of vocal competitions, and for evalution of  live performances. I will list the 3 categories of evaluation – technical, emotional & performance – and the specifics that comprise each:

Technical content:

  • Level of full body support
  • Core strength (diaphragm, abdominals, intrinsic muscles-psoas to ribs and back)
  • Body or facial tension
  • Open throat
  • Tongue placement
  • Breath intake
  • Breath control
  • Pitch consistency
  • Overtones
  • Vibrato
  • Projection
  • Tonal placement
  • Tonal quality
  • Dynamic production / control
  • Melodic / lyrical / legato line
  • Melisma / ornamentation
  • Tessitura (full vocal range)
  • Vocal “crutches”
  • Appropriateness of song for singer’s range, technical level and vocal fach

Emotional content:

  • Melodic sensibility / Shaping of melodic line
  • Dynamic contrasts / shading
  • Vocal contrasts for effect – staccato, marcato, wail, tear (cry), scat, melisma, straight tone, rasp, scream, squillo, pause, hold, slide, ornamentation
  • Emotional freedom
  • Ability to emote and draw from inner passion – organic expression
  • Expression of a range of emotions – i.e. joy, grief, anger, rage, despair, surprise, love
  • Ability make audience feel and respond

Performance content:

  • Connection to the audience
  • Participation with the audience
  • Movement styles – i.e. organic vs. staged, flowing vs. erratic
  • Ability to perform a variety of vocal styles
  • Dance ability – basic to advanced / what styles
  • Comfort level in “own skin”
  • Comfort level being on stage
  • Use of the stage / level of awareness
  • Creativity
  • Use of props, costumes, instruments, lighting
  • Proficiency on other instruments

4 thoughts on “Kathryn’s Vocal Evaluations

  1. thank you for bringing your vocal expertise and for sharing it with all of us. Although I do not know the “technical” side of singing (my daughter does more so from years of chorus/honors chorus/music theory etc) I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID!! James is one in a million, so are you!

    • Thanks Debbie,
      James iS one in a million and I am honored to write on his behalf!! So glad to hear that your daughter is musically inclined. Hope she will keep her interest for a lifetime!!

    • Laura,

      Has Kathryn replied to this yet? I can’t believe that this is James. Can’t wait to hear Kathryn’s reply. We are so fornatuate to have someone like Kathryn answer our questions. I have learned so much from her. I would like to know if she’s had the opportunity to meet or hear from James.
      I’m still finding my why around this site, I hope I haven’t missed anything!

      Stay in touch,


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