American Idol Top 12

I’ll Be There For You – Bon Jovi

Pure fun!

There are aspects of this performance that I really like and some that I don’t. James set the bar so high the week before. This performance falls just a little short. Having said that it is still a terrific performance in most respects.

Let’s start with the rough spots. They are all in the technical content. James seems to ride the outer edges of pitch  throughout much of this performance. I remember that this was the night that so many singers complained that they had trouble hearing the band and changes were made to correct that on going. I will give him the benefit of the doubt because of that issue and because fundamentally he has such terrific relative pitch. His breath is very good until the end of the performance. It is the only time in the competition that I feel his “scream” is misplaced and not properly supported. He also lacks sufficient air to sustain the very last phrase as he should. 7

Emotionally James connects to the audience immediately. He has very espressive facial and body language that pulls the audience right along with him. He has no tension in his face or body that detracts in way from his ability to sell the song. He exudes pure joy. His smile is infectious and his eyes “dance”. This is just heavenly to watch. 10

James’ performance skills are amazing once again! He interacts well with the guitarist using him as well as his mike to great advantage as props. He maintains good energy throughout and works the crowd like a pro. His movement flows effortlessly and seamlessly. I really like the use of pyro at the end. It is timed perfectly!! 10

Last but not least I want to address James style of dress!! It has been fun to watch him evolve his style. This night I think he looks fantastic – from his head to his toes. The outfit is well coordinated and the color is good for him.- it compliments the color of his hair. I also really like his hair (that has evolved as well). Appearance plays an important role in the  kind of connection an audience member makes with the performer. Sometimes it can be the “other star” of the show. Never underestimate its importance!

Good job overall! 9


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