American Idol Top 11 (Elton John)

Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) – Elton John

Pure Adrenalin!!

Wow! James is a thoroughbred racehorse right out of the gate. Seriously, I think he was sipping backstage on some of the high octane fuel that powers the Formula One cars. Amazing!!!

Technically, I am in awe of his core strength and breath control throughout such strenuous movement. His pitch is right on and the stratospheric wails are effective and fully supported. He sings with a completely open throat and makes effective and appropriate use of his range. This is a good song choice for James. 10++

Emotionally, the playfulness and driving beat never stop from the first note to the last. James’ rhythmic sensibility is mind boggling! For me James gives a very professional performance. For some it may be over the top energetically, but not for me. 10+

This performance is not for the faint of heart. The energy level never lets up. James wanted an arena rock anthem feel that would get the crowd on their feet and he certainly achieves that in spades. There is immediate connection to and participation with the audience – and amazingly he never loses focus while interacting with the audience and the cameras at such a frenetic pace. You simply cannot teach this. James does it so naturally and effortlessly. His creativity is off the charts as well – use of the stairs, split jump at the foot of the stairs, interaction with audience and guitarist, clapping above  his head at center stage, jumping onto the piano and his backbend – all in under 3 minutes. And although I wouldn’t want this much action in every piece it works with this one!! He gives 150% and shows  incredible athleticism. At the very end, James kneels down to catch his breath. He looks the same way my dog looks after he has run the beach in 90 degree heat. Spent! 10++

This is flat on the floor fantastic; 10++


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