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James Durbin


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Artist Bio


Finishing 4th place on season 10 of American Idol, America has become to love the guy with the high pitch scream and his love of rock. But beyond the stage, fans also have flocked to him in praise and inspiration for being such an aspiring IDOL even outside of his singing.

Born on January 6th, 1989 in Santa Cruz California, James suffered the loss of his father at the age of nine years old. Shortly after his fathers drug overdose, he was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and Asperger syndrome. Not letting that stop him from his passion of singing and playing music, James attended MusicScool, a music school run by Dale Ockerman and performed in groups ‘The While Album Ensemble’ and ‘Guitarmy’.

With an extension into the theater world, James performed in a children’s theater group called Kids On Broadway and played the lead role in GREASE and Beauty And The Beast. He also played the leading roles of Tony in West Side Story and Oscar in Sweet Charity. In 2008, Durbin appeared in Alan Parson’s ART & SCIENCE OF SOUND RECORDING educational video series, recording a version of Parson’s WE PLAY THE GAME at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts.

With a dream to make it big, James previously auditioned for American Idol in Season 8, but was not advanced. Returning for the season 10 auditions, Durbin advanced through Hollywood week and into the top 4.

Tagged with the line, ‘Give Metal a Chance’, Durbin shined with his performances of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” as well as “Heavy Metal” and later on the finale alongside British heavy metal band Judas Priest.

Continuing to be an inspiration to his fans, his fianc Heidi and son Hunter keep him inspired and he keeps them close to his heart while out traveling with the American Idols Live Tour. Currently exploring options for a record label with WIND UP Records, this is indeed not the last we will see of Durbin…especially if his fans have anything to do with it.