American Idol Top 6

Will You Still Love My Tomorrow – Carol King for The Shirelles

Pure Magic!

This is another 180 degree turn for James. He is standing in place – say it ain’t so. But he is and he gives a spectacular performance, revealing yet another aspect of his talent by playing a gorgeous electric guitar. I have to admit that he looks just as gorgeous as his guitar, and the guitar even compliments the color of his hair and his outfit. Nice touch!! Playing the guitar clearly emphasizes what a big man James is. He is very tall and lanky!! It is amazing how freely and effortlessly he is able to move.

In the opening package Baby Face states that “James came in and sang the song straight down and blew me away!!” High praise indeed from one so gifted himself!! But James shows us what Baby Face already knows in the opening section of the song.

Technically, James seals the deal and sells the song in the first 15 seconds. It is an acappella section so soulful, so expressive, so haunting, so achingly beautiful that I do not want it to end. And when it does, James ends in perfect pitch with the band’s entrance music – breathtaking!! For me it is one of the most memorable musical moments in Idol history. James rocks the beat with his pitch perfect vocals and rocker screams that are judiciously used and well placed. I especially like the vocal ending into the high register!!! 10++++++

Emotionally, with his acappella beginning, James reaches in and grabs my heart and wraps it around his finger forever. Durbination is complete. The acappella is just so beautiful lyrically, tonally, expressively, and visually. James’ creative melodic sensibility is also front and center and he puts a magical James twist on a timeless classic! 10+++++

This performance is a master class in selling a song and making it your own. James can do this with any song. Deciding to begin acappella is a brilliant move. James grabs the audience from the first note and keeps them there even after the song ends!! 10++++++

Unforgettable: 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

James if you are reading this evaluation there is something that your performance of this song has reminded me that I want to say to you. I hope you will record all of the styles of music that you do so well. Please some metal (old and new) and hard rock. I love your studio version of Heavy Metal – the ending in which you climb the arpeggio to the last stratospheric note is pure bliss!), some ballads (you have such a beautiful, pure, lyrical tenor sound when you sing ballads), and one more request that you may not have considered, but I hope you will. I am part of the boomer generation – those born between 1946 and 1964. We are the biggest demographic in the country and we love our rock and roll. Having grown up outside of Philly – Doo Wop – was sung on almost every street corner – so cool!! There are soooo many wonderful, soulful and hard driving songs from the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s that are not played nearly as often as they used to be – Wolfman Jack was King of the DJs in Philly “in the day”. What I heard you do with Will I still Love You Tomorrow, Without You and Love Potion # 9 is phenomenal. Please consider taking some of the rock and roll oldies and putting the James twist on them. You would make a very large demographic VERY happy. There are so many to choose from Roy Orbison’s Crying being one of them – perfect for you I think!! Ultimately, I realize that you  must do what you are passionate about, what you will enjoy singing day in and day out and this idea may not move you at all, but like I said in your Heavy Metal evaluation – “ You can never have what you are not willing to ask for”. So I am asking!!



9 thoughts on “American Idol Top 6

  1. I couldn’t agree more! What a magical performance. Loved Love Potion and Without You– even though it was an imperfect delivery, his recording is amazing. I hope James can figure out some way to throw a few updated renditions of those songs on an album, or on a concert tour, because he kills them, in a good way. OMG, James singing Orbison’s Crying or adding some metal to “pretty woman” would have me screaming and crying for more. i love Heavy Metal, and James singing Sweet CHild O Mine & would love more heavier stuff, but to throw in some new renditions of some great oldies, would also be tremendous. I’m not even in the boomer generation, but I still would love to hear it!

    • So glad to have a fan of like mind. I just think this is a golden opportunity for James. It would make soooo many fans happy, it would introduce and update these wonderful songs to new generations of fans, and it would explode his already huge fanbase. This along with the old/new metal is a winning combo that no one else is doing or could do quite like James!!

  2. James could easily release multiply albums simultaneously, and hit the top of each respective chart. While you couldn’t expect his heavy metal fans to scream for Without You or Love Potion #9, I’m wiling to bet they wouldn’t begrudge us an album or two of James killing ballads, do-wop, blues, country, etc. As soon as he finds his feet and establishes himself, I think doors will fly open beckoning him to record all genres that catch his fancy. The amazing thing is he can do any of them and succeed. The vid of him singing Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together is breathtaking. If you haven’t watched it, google it. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Kathryn, for having the courage to ask what we’ve all secretly been wanting to ask.

    • You are very welcome! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!! I was pretty sure there were allot more fans out there who crave the oldies with a James twist and edge. Absolutely no one is doing this or could do it quite like he can. That along with metal could be an awesome combo. Never been done before. He as the ability and opportunity to create his own path, his own unique sound and style just as Buddy Holly, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson have done.
      I did listen to the vid of “Let’s Stay Together” It is soooo good. The music just sings him and he let’s it take him wherever it wants to go. As a result he can bend and shape the vocals so spontaneously. Just terrific!!

  3. I would have died and gone to heaven if he would remake some of these classics not many could or can sing them because you have to have the range and willingness to feel the emotion behind them. I could even hear James sing some bobby vinton songs. I also love heavy rock and metal so I will be happy what ever James sings.

      • The exciting thing is that the songs fro James to choose from are seemingly endless. Can’t you hear him singing Jerry Lee Lewis- “Great Balls of Fire” , or Richie Valens – ” Donna”. Yum!

  4. Can I just say, again, just to think of James singing Orbison’s “Crying” has me almost in tears right now! Night everyone!

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