It’s Official: James Has Signed with Wind Up


“The 1st certified metalhead of the show’s decade-long reign” – Revolver Magazine
New York NY – Wind-up Records is pleased to announce that it has signed season 10 American Idol fan-favorite and resident-rocker, James Durbin to a recording contract. Durbin will continue to be managed by 19 Entertainment’s President, Iain Pirie, GM Josh Klemme (formerly manager of Buckcherry and one of the managers of Steven Tyler) and Red Light Management’s Mark DiDia.
Of the signing, Durbin states, “Wind-up Records isn’t a label, it’s a family and I wanted to be a part of that. They are true music fans that want to see me have a long career as an artist. I couldn’t have asked for more when signing a record deal.”
Santa Cruz CA native, James Durbin, 22, rocked the stage of Idol every week with his signature high-pitched scream and touched the hearts of America throughout the season as he opened up about his Asperger and Tourette syndrome. Fans and critics alike flocked to Durbin in praise and inspiration as his love of rock prevailed. Durbin continues to showcase his inner rock-star as he brings arenas to their feet on the American Idol Live tour with his energetic performances. He is also mid-way through recording his debut album with Grammy nominated producer, famed rock producer Howard Benson (Daughtry, P.O.D, My Chemical Romance, 3 Doors Down). Wind-up will release Durbin’s debut album this fall.
Iain Pirie comments “James wowed audiences on American Idol with his dramatic and flamboyant style and he’s proving to be a huge hit on this summer’s American Idol tour. We are thrilled to be working with our friends Howard Benson and the team Wind-up on James’ debut album.”
Wind-up Entertainment CEO Edward Vetri shared, “We loved James on Idol. We thought he was the standout performer from this season. His passion for rock music made him a natural fit for Wind-up Records.” He goes on, “James has the drive, passion, love of music and a gifted, soaring rock voice that will win rock fans over throughout. Gregg Wattenberg, Wind-up’s Chief Creative Officer, added, “When the possibility of signing James Durbin to Wind-up Records came up, we knew it was a no-brainer. James is a rock star. We’re all excited to have him as part of the family and can’t wait to let his fans hear his debut album.”

5 thoughts on “It’s Official: James Has Signed with Wind Up

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth, Katrina. So many great things to come now. CONGRATULATIONS to a beautiful and wildly talented young man. Rejoicing with all my heart!!

  2. What a wonderful thing! Waiting for this news a long time. I can’t wait for James’s album. I hope it’s not all metal, because I will miss the sweetness of his voice when he sings ballads. “Without You” just took my breath away!

    Congratulations to you James! You Rock!

    • James tweeted that his album will be “a badass mix of everything” when I asked him if it will be a mix of hard rock, metal & mainstream rock. Don’t worry there’ll be at least one ballad on there. I remember him saying in an interview that the first song he wrote with Frederickson & Michael is a power ballad.

  3. So can’t wait until the album is out! Hope a video will follow soon as well. I hope there’s something for everybody on the album, but most importantly it will be radio friendly. I loved what he did on Idol, all the songs were great and what a performer.

    James has a lot of Idol followers, too much metal may not be what they want to hear. However, I’m sure James will figure it out, he’ll know soon enough what his audience wants from him. Good constructive feed back from his fans will help James make good decisions for his career. But most of all James will need to follow his heart.

    You Rock James!

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