James Records in Orlando, Florida

Eric Friedman

@IIEROCKII Eric Friedman
Had a great studio sesh today other than my ProTools crashing & losing vocal tracks Here’s @JDurbinAI10 at his best! http://img.ly/6zqF

20 hours ago via Twitterrific

Eric Friedman
@IIEROCKII Eric Friedman
Great day with you dude @JDurbinAI10 OHHHH YEAHHH!!!

19 hours ago via Twitterrific


10 thoughts on “James Records in Orlando, Florida

  1. LOL he would indeed! Has anyone tweeted this pic to him? If not I’ll do it! I don’t think it’s his jacket though, he probably just put it on for the pic.

  2. Speaking of Steven Tyler, this jacket looks a bit big on James so I doubt it’s his. I wonder if it’s actually Steven’s. LOL, didn’t Steven tell James to stay out of his closet when he performed Uprising on the show?

  3. I first misread it as Stevie Nicks, and thought well, ….yeah,…okay…then I looked again and read it as Steven Tyler. I was thinking of JoJo the character representing JImi in Across the Universe-the scene before Sadie dumps her band, but I can’t find an image.

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